Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver Provides Gate Security

In an effort to increase our gate security we just implemented a new camera system at our gate. This allowed us to place a camera that faces the rear of the car to capture license plate numbers to go along with our current WiFi intercom. Since our gate is around 1500 feet away from the building this proved to be a challenge to find a system that would handle this distance.  We contacted IntercomsOnline.com and they recommended their wireless video transmitter and receiver which has two access points and a high-definition camera that can be focused towards the rear of a car.

The system is working great!


Wireless transmitter and receiver and camera

How Keira-Knightly.org Chose The WiFi Intercom Intercomsonline.com

It was a typical day at the Keira-Knightley.org offices. The staff was hard at work generating new material focused on Hollywood starlet Keira Knightley, from her latest arthouse smash The Imitation Game to her uncertain involvement in the latest installment of the critically panned but commercially profitable Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The balance between art and commerce was always a complicated thing, and no one knew it quite so much as the management behind the Keira-Knightley.org company. Given as their idol herself always seemed to be somewhere between a darling of the artistic cinema scene and a commercial commodity worth potentially billions, it was hardly unsurprising that her loyalest followers were also living every day as a balancing act.

As of late, the management of the company had installed a new intercom. Acquired from Intercomsonline.com, another internet based company, its acquisition proved to be something of a story in and of itself. Given Keira-Knightley.org’s media presence, the company soon found itself involved with the typical array of delivery people and a bevy of media people ranging from newspaper reporters wanting a direct quote to star struck fans of Ms. Knightley herself looking for a closer connection to the starlet. Given the sheer amount of visitors, the website and its parent company could not afford to ignore the people at their very doorstep. A solution needed to be figured out and soon.

The management of the website and its parent company had recently upgraded the company’s wifi and hit upon an interesting idea. Rather than a traditional wired intercom, they decided on a wifi intercom system that integrated video connections, allowing the people inside the office to both hear and see their visitors. The system also included a keypad, a means by which to connect with a specific employee of Keira-Knightley.org, oftentimes someone associated with the website’s press relations, though others such as researchers and editors were also frequently contacted for expert opinions on any number of subjects.

Wireless WiFi IntercomIt took some struggling with both the hardware and the software of the new intercom system as the technology was quite new, even to the tech-savvy workers and managers of the website, but when it was finally installed, it worked like a dream. In addition to providing an easy, streamlined means by which employees of the website could easily contact people at the company’s doorstep, there were a few other benefits as well.

The gooseneck pole mount wifi video intercom from intercomsonline.com also allowed the systems users to view outside the office without contacting any visitors at all, enabling the employees of the website to randomly peer outside the “front door window” and see what was going on in their neighborhood. One particular game that became a beloved past time of the office was to peer outside the office and look for passers by who resembled Keira Knightley, be it in form or fashion. This eventually led to the sudden and rather surprising discovery of the office’s new head writer, a dead ringer of Ms. Knightley herself.

Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game

In her latest upcoming flick, The Imitation Game, Keira Knightley sheds away the stylish, fashionable look that she’s carried all this time in exchange for unsexy and frumpy wartime woolies.

Keira plays the role of Joan Clarke, a codebreaker who joins a band of cryptanalysts led by Alan Turing (played by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch) who played a huge part of uncovering the Enigma codes being sent out by Germany during World War II. His involvement in this project led to the Allies winning against the Nazi Germany.

Director Morten Tyldum told reporters that Keira specifically requested to wear unglamorous clothes because the role demands it. “‘We had a horrendous cardigan, and she loved it,” says Tyldum. “The point of it all was so we could focus on Joan Clarke, the character Keira plays, and her relationship with Turing, and their achievements.”

There’s no question that Keira, who was once nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Elizabeth Bennett in 2005’s Pride and Prejudice, has the acting range to make the character work in the film. Co-actor Benedict Cumberbatch believes the same thing.

“She’s so completely down to earth, and incredibly wise,” Cumberbatch said to Baz Bamigboye from The Daily Mail. “We first worked together on Atonement and would bump into each other and we promised we would work together again, if the right thing came up,”

The Imitation Game was screened at Colorado’s Telluride Film Festival held from August 29 to September 1, 2014. After the film was shown, there was buzz generated by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members about how great the film was. Cumberbatch amazed viewers with his complex and Oscar-worthy rendition of Turing on screen. Keira also did not disappoint with her blend of humor and fierceness necessary to Clarke’s character.

The Imitation Game will be released in theaters on November 14, 2014 in the UK and on November 21, 2014 in the United States. The film also stars Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Rory Kinnear, and Matthew Goode.

Keira Knightley Returns to the Big Screen With Begin Again

In this romantic comedy film, Keira stars as Gretta, a songwriter who is partners and in a relationship with college sweetheart Dave (Adam Levine, Maroon5). After Dave was picked up by a major label and goes to New York, their relationship deteriorated due to his newfound fame. Loveless and dejected, things took a turn for the better with Gretta when she meets Dan (Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right), a record executive scorned by his label, while she was performing on the street. The encounter triggered a music collaboration that forges an indelible mark in both their lives.Begin Again Movie

Begin Again is directed by John Carney, responsible for 2007’s critically acclaimed Once. Due to the similar nature seen in both of Carney’s films, which is about two people finding each other through music, it is normal to compare them side by side. However, despite the uplifting message and charming appeal of Begin Again, it feels like it merely uses the template established by its much superior predecessor.

Critic Bruce Ingram from Chicago Sun-Times argues that, “You can’t really blame writer-director John Carney for trying, but despite a few very nice moments, this bigger, slicker follow-up mostly argues that Once should have been enough.”

However, taking the film in its own merits, Begin Again soars and shines.

“Begin Again has an abiding belief in the power of music to change live,” accord to Peter Howell of the Toronto Star. “There’s something exciting about that, even if it isn’t the most original of thoughts and even if we don’t believe, as they do, that Gretta and Dan will record the Great American Album on the streets of New York.”

Keira was asked to sing for Gretta’s songs in the film. According to Christy Lemire, Keira does an admirable job. “She has a soft and lilting voice that suits the material, which has a bit of a Colbie-Caillat tinge to it,” she says. “It would have been distracting if she’d opened her mouth and Adele came out.”

Keira Turns Down New Pirates Movie

During her Toronto International Film Festival to promote her upcoming film The Imitation Game, Keira was asked if she would become part of the fifth installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise set for release on 2017.

Her reply? “[T]he ship has sailed” for her to join Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.Pirates of Carribbean

Keira made a name for herself in Hollywood as Elizabeth Swann in Disney’s The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003. The commercially successful film launched the swashbuckling The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in which Keira gets to reprise her role in 2006’s Dead Man’s Chest and 2007’s At Worlds End.

While all films under the franchise, including 2011’s On Stranger Tides in which Keira was not part of have been financially successful, the quality of each film have degraded with every installment. According to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, only the first film was certified “Fresh” with a 79% rating. The next two, Dead Man’s Chest and At Worlds End, only received a 54% and 45% rating, respectively. The latest film in the franchise is considered the worst with only a 33% approval rating.

Criticism over the latest installment for its tired script, excessiveness, and unoriginality is probably what propelled Keira to turn down the lucrative offer. David Edelstein of New York Magazine/Vulture summed it up best with this quip from her review: “I’ve never seen a film in which what was actually onscreen seemed so irrelevant.”

Now that rumors of Keira going back to the Pirates fold has been put to rest, she can now focus on the projects ahead of her, in particular The Imitation Game. This historical thriller film casta Keira alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Matthew Goode (Watchmen). Cumberbatch plays cryptographer Alan Turing who was responsible for deciphering the Enigma codes during WWII, which were pivotal in helping the Allies win the war. Keira plays Joan Clarke, a part of the team of code-breakers led by Turing.

Keira Opening a New Fashion Store

Keira Knightley is planning to open up a fashion store in the trendy Islington neighborhood. She’s still in search of the best property within the area to open up her clothing-cum-coffee shop.

Keira Knightley has carved a niche as a well-respected Hollywood starlet. Her performances in critically acclaimed films like Pride & Prejudice and Atonement has earned her nominations from award giving bodies. There’s no doubt that she has her feet firmly planted in the pantheon of great modern day actresses.Keira_Knightley_2005

Now, Keira sets her sights of overcoming another challenge as she plans of setting up a fashion shop.

Putting up the shop is the easy part. The real doozy, however, is maintaining and making it profitable. There have been celebrities and public figures who have embarked in the fashion business but have failed with generating revenue through the shop. Pop star Lily Allen set up a vintage boutique shop named Lucy in Disguise with the help of her sister. While the online store is still up and running, the physical shop closed down early this year.

Unlike Allen, Keira have been acquainted to high fashion since her early years in Hollywood. Known for her distinct waif look while wearing haute couture, she has rocked the red carpet before wearing off-beat wardrobe from designers like Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, and others. Not to mention, her picturesque face has landed her a contract with Chanel, which is also testament to her choice of fashion.

Lately, Keira has gone tastefully topless in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. This simply goes to show how Keira goes to great lengths to promote fashion in ways that only she can pull off!

Through this new venture, we’ll see how Keira will be able to translate her intuitive fashion sense into a profitable business.

“She’s a huge fan of fashion, particularly anything vintage or alternative, so it’s a perfect new opportunity,” according to a source from The Sunday Mirror Newspaper. “She’s excited by the idea and is committed to making it work.”

Kiera Goes Tastefully Topless in Photo Shoot

Keira Knightley has always been a daring actress through and through, starring in films that showcase her breadth in acting. In the latest issue of Interview Magazine, Keira takes on another bold challenge as she bares her chest with fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier at the helm.

In the blank and white photo shoot, Keira dons out different evening gowns with tousled hair and picturesque face. However, the one that got the attention of the press is where she sports a wet look while wearing dark elbow-length lace gloves and pants without anything on top.

The upcoming issue of Interview, called the Photographer’s Issue, features six photographers and photos of their “ideal woman” in film. The issue includes equally sexy shots from Nicole Kidman wearing lingerie and Naomi Campbell in stilettos and leopard print coat, among others.

While there’s nothing surprisingly about Keira’s audacious photos (she’s gone half-nude in “Domino,” “The Jacket,” and others), it is interesting to point out how little is known about personal life, creating a healthy contrast of what she is in front of the media and how she is outside the limelights. Not to mention, she happens to be selective of the films and projects she’s involved in, which adds to the mystery that is Keira.

News about her photo shoot sparked productive discussion in media outlets. Claire Cohen from The Telegraph sees Keira’s boldness as a powerful statement that speaks to women with small breasts. Whereas commercial models use their body as a vehicle to sell a product, Keira does the opposite.

“She is the commodity,” Cohen says. “The only thing she’s selling is herself. That’s why this is such a powerful statement for her to whip off her bra – especially for those of us with near flat-chests.”

Keira’s actions are in line with what Cohen is saying. She was outspoken when her chests were digitally enhanced in the poster for the 2004 film “King Arthur” and in the advertisement she made with Chanel.