Keira Opening a New Fashion Store

Keira Knightley is planning to open up a fashion store in the trendy Islington neighborhood. She’s still in search of the best property within the area to open up her clothing-cum-coffee shop.

Keira Knightley has carved a niche as a well-respected Hollywood starlet. Her performances in critically acclaimed films like Pride & Prejudice and Atonement has earned her nominations from award giving bodies. There’s no doubt that she has her feet firmly planted in the pantheon of great modern day actresses.Keira_Knightley_2005

Now, Keira sets her sights of overcoming another challenge as she plans of setting up a fashion shop.

Putting up the shop is the easy part. The real doozy, however, is maintaining and making it profitable. There have been celebrities and public figures who have embarked in the fashion business but have failed with generating revenue through the shop. Pop star Lily Allen set up a vintage boutique shop named Lucy in Disguise with the help of her sister. While the online store is still up and running, the physical shop closed down early this year.

Unlike Allen, Keira have been acquainted to high fashion since her early years in Hollywood. Known for her distinct waif look while wearing haute couture, she has rocked the red carpet before wearing off-beat wardrobe from designers like Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, and others. Not to mention, her picturesque face has landed her a contract with Chanel, which is also testament to her choice of fashion.

Lately, Keira has gone tastefully topless in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. This simply goes to show how Keira goes to great lengths to promote fashion in ways that only she can pull off!

Through this new venture, we’ll see how Keira will be able to translate her intuitive fashion sense into a profitable business.

“She’s a huge fan of fashion, particularly anything vintage or alternative, so it’s a perfect new opportunity,” according to a source from The Sunday Mirror Newspaper. “She’s excited by the idea and is committed to making it work.”

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