Kiera Goes Tastefully Topless in Photo Shoot

Keira Knightley has always been a daring actress through and through, starring in films that showcase her breadth in acting. In the latest issue of Interview Magazine, Keira takes on another bold challenge as she bares her chest with fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier at the helm.

In the blank and white photo shoot, Keira dons out different evening gowns with tousled hair and picturesque face. However, the one that got the attention of the press is where she sports a wet look while wearing dark elbow-length lace gloves and pants without anything on top.

The upcoming issue of Interview, called the Photographer’s Issue, features six photographers and photos of their “ideal woman” in film. The issue includes equally sexy shots from Nicole Kidman wearing lingerie and Naomi Campbell in stilettos and leopard print coat, among others.

While there’s nothing surprisingly about Keira’s audacious photos (she’s gone half-nude in “Domino,” “The Jacket,” and others), it is interesting to point out how little is known about personal life, creating a healthy contrast of what she is in front of the media and how she is outside the limelights. Not to mention, she happens to be selective of the films and projects she’s involved in, which adds to the mystery that is Keira.

News about her photo shoot sparked productive discussion in media outlets. Claire Cohen from The Telegraph sees Keira’s boldness as a powerful statement that speaks to women with small breasts. Whereas commercial models use their body as a vehicle to sell a product, Keira does the opposite.

“She is the commodity,” Cohen says. “The only thing she’s selling is herself. That’s why this is such a powerful statement for her to whip off her bra – especially for those of us with near flat-chests.”

Keira’s actions are in line with what Cohen is saying. She was outspoken when her chests were digitally enhanced in the poster for the 2004 film “King Arthur” and in the advertisement she made with Chanel.

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