How Chose The WiFi Intercom

It was a typical day at the offices. The staff was hard at work generating new material focused on Hollywood starlet Keira Knightley, from her latest arthouse smash The Imitation Game to her uncertain involvement in the latest installment of the critically panned but commercially profitable Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The balance between art and commerce was always a complicated thing, and no one knew it quite so much as the management behind the company. Given as their idol herself always seemed to be somewhere between a darling of the artistic cinema scene and a commercial commodity worth potentially billions, it was hardly unsurprising that her loyalest followers were also living every day as a balancing act.

As of late, the management of the company had installed a new intercom. Acquired from, another internet based company, its acquisition proved to be something of a story in and of itself. Given’s media presence, the company soon found itself involved with the typical array of delivery people and a bevy of media people ranging from newspaper reporters wanting a direct quote to star struck fans of Ms. Knightley herself looking for a closer connection to the starlet. Given the sheer amount of visitors, the website and its parent company could not afford to ignore the people at their very doorstep. A solution needed to be figured out and soon.

The management of the website and its parent company had recently upgraded the company’s wifi and hit upon an interesting idea. Rather than a traditional wired intercom, they decided on a wifi intercom system that integrated video connections, allowing the people inside the office to both hear and see their visitors. The system also included a keypad, a means by which to connect with a specific employee of, oftentimes someone associated with the website’s press relations, though others such as researchers and editors were also frequently contacted for expert opinions on any number of subjects.

Wireless WiFi IntercomIt took some struggling with both the hardware and the software of the new intercom system as the technology was quite new, even to the tech-savvy workers and managers of the website, but when it was finally installed, it worked like a dream. In addition to providing an easy, streamlined means by which employees of the website could easily contact people at the company’s doorstep, there were a few other benefits as well.

The gooseneck pole mount wifi video intercom from also allowed the systems users to view outside the office without contacting any visitors at all, enabling the employees of the website to randomly peer outside the “front door window” and see what was going on in their neighborhood. One particular game that became a beloved past time of the office was to peer outside the office and look for passers by who resembled Keira Knightley, be it in form or fashion. This eventually led to the sudden and rather surprising discovery of the office’s new head writer, a dead ringer of Ms. Knightley herself.